New Features

The following features are new to Intelligent Workflow Approvals in this release.

Apttus Intelligent Workflow and Approvals Now Available on Salesforce Lightning

You can browse and attach external documents from your local machine for Submit with Attachments action on Preview approvals page. This eliminates your effort to attach the required documents in Notes & Attachments related list of your object record before submitting the record for approval.

Support Added for Salesforce Files in Lightning Mode

A new Approvals Custom Config setting Use Files Instead of Notes & Attachments is introduced with this release. When enabled, the approvals engine works with attachments from Salesforce Files attached or uploaded from the desktop for the context object instead of those from the old Notes & Attachments related list. You need to enable or disable this new custom setting independently for each object used for approvals. If a custom setting for a context object is not found, by default the system works with files from the Notes & Attachments related list for the content object. As an Apttus Contract Management user, you must enable this setting for the Apttus_APTS_Agreementc, ApttusAgreement_Clausec or whatever agreement related objects you are using approvals with. As a CPQ user, you must enable this setting for Apttus_Config2ProductConfiguration_c or quote proposal objects.