New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Apttus Omni Connectivity

Max lets you connect directly to Apttus Omni through conversations. With Apttus Omni connectivity you can manage your entire Quote to Cash process smartly.

File Upload Functionality

Max conversation enables you to upload a file, such as contracts, to Salesforce. This makes your smart Max conversations more versatile for contract lifecycle management and other use cases.

Max embed in the Salesforce UI

Max is embedded inside your Salesforce UI.This includes Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Lightning, and the Salesforce mobile app. With this functionality, you can access Max from your desktop or mobile device and perform all the required activities in a familiar user interface via Max conversations.

Usage Tracking of Max Conversations

Max introduces Usage Tracking. With this functionality, you can leverage the usage tracking data to measure adoption of Max by your organization. You can use this data to analyze who’s using which conversations and how often. This helps in improving the sales effectiveness.