New Features

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Improved Constraint Rule Execution on Client Side

Constraint Rules of type Inclusion and Exclusion can now be computed on the client side; thus, speeding up constraint rules execution and improve the overall configuration process. You can set up the client side constraint rule execution process using the new custom setting named Constraint Rule Execution Mode. The custom setting is available at Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Config System Properties > Manage. However, Apttus still supports the execution on the server side (when not using this new custom setting).

Improved Usability on the Cart with Intuitive Options

The shopping cart has been redesigned to provide better usability and accessibility to the sales representative. Following are the key changes that you can see in the shopping cart:

  • Action buttons, such as Add More Products, Installed Products, Reprice, Finalize, Submit for Approval, and more are available as picklist values.
  • Mass actions, such as Delete Product, Copy Product, Save as Favorite, Mass Update, Product Collaboration, at the line item level are available as picklist values. Any change using Mass Update performs the calculation on the client side for faster execution.
  • Easy and type-ahead search functionality on the top of line item table.
  • A Quick view of the Grand Total amount on the top-right corner. Also, Show Totals, Total Adjustments are displayed on the page header. The right arrow next to Grand Total shows you the detailed calculations at the line item level.
  • Bundle cart line items with expand/collapse functionality.
  • A spinner on the cart header to indicate the progress of any rules or adjustments that are being executed in the background.
  • Infinite scrolling for line items avoiding the need for pagination.
  • Column headers: Always available on the top while scrolling. Non-numeric fields are center aligned and numeric fields are right aligned.
  • Editable fields and actions on hover.
  • Support for different data types for columns, such as Text, Picklist, Lookup, Date, Hyperlink Formula, Hyperlink Image Formula, Image, Formula, and more.

This functionality can be achieved by a simple configuration of creating a new flow with the Cart page name as Apttus_Config2__Cart#cartgrid. You must then specify the flow name in your Configure Products button to view the new UI for the shopping cart.

Support for Dynamic Cart Views with Predefined Filters

Like Salesforce views, the new cart grid supports Cart Views containing predefined filter values on the cart. These views help you filter and display cart line items per your configurations. You can create new views, edit the Group By field and the list of columns to be displayed for a particular view of the cart.

Admin Console Improvements

  • Cloning a product in the new admin console provides you the flexibility to choose if the rules should be cloned or not. The rules consist of Constraint Rules, Product Attribute Rules, and Attribute Value Matrices. For each rule record, the information such as details, conditions, actions, and, criteria.
  • From the Categories tab, clicking the Price List and Product record navigates you to the details page of Price List and Product respectively.
  • New fields such as Owner (read-only), GuidePage and Contract Number have been added to a Price List detail page.
  • For a category, the Type field is now added as a column to help admins distinguish if a category is of type Offering, Option Group or Both.
  • For Categories, Search Filter Fields are available for configuration. You can select more than one fields to dynamically filter the products in the catalog.
  • For Pricing, associating a Price List Item using drag and drop saves the record automatically without requiring you to click Save.
  • For Catalog, you can now associate a category along with its products by using the drag and drop functionality from the right pane.
  • You can now create option groups of Content Type = Attribute. This allows you to display attribute groups in their own section outside of Product Attributes tab on the configuration page.

Application Management Interface Improvements for Admins

With the new release, a new button named Load Defaults is introduced on Application Management home page. Clicking this button brings the custom settings for the default flow in the Application Management.

Self-enabled Smart Search

Smart search now requires you to set up the necessary configurations for Enhanced Search URL and API User key. These configurations were initially set up by Apttus Product Support team or CSM.

Quote Collaboration - Error Notifications Improvements

With the new release, user-friendly error messages are displayed on the Quote Collaboration pop-up dialog box for the following scenarios:

  • You forget to enter values for the required fields and you click Notify Collaborator.
  • If you have not made a choice of user or queue, CPQ notifies you that the collab request will be assigned to you.
  • After merging the collaboration requests, if you open the collab pop-up to see the assigned products, the system notifies that you are viewing the merged values.

Support for Document Generation from SF1

Proposal Document Generation functionality is now supported from SF1 App where you can quickly generate proposal documents from the cart and send these documents for review.