New Features

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

New Field on the Quote for Purchase Identifier

In this release, CPQ enables users to provide a unique purchase identifier on the quote. This purchase identifier floats from quote to cart line items > proposal line items > order line items > asset line items. This purchase identifier is used to calculate the total quantity that spans multiple streams during the increment scenarios.

User-Level Private Views for Assets Grid

In this release, CPQ enables users to create user-level private views for Assets Grid. However, CPQ does not support administrators to create and provide permission to asset views.

Ability to Change the Quantity of an Asset

In this release, CPQ enables users to increase the quantity of an asset and manage these incremental licenses independently. Users can sell the incremental quantity at the same price point as the original sale or at a different price point. During the sale of these incremental licenses, users can co-terminate them with the existing licenses.

Ability to Calculate the Total Asset Quantity

In this release, CPQ enables users to see the total quantity of an asset spanning multiple streams during the increment scenarios. However, CPQ does not support tiered pricing for increment.

New API to Fetch Projected Asset Value

In this release, CPQ provides users with a new API to fetch projected asset value on the Cart page. When the API is called, the Project Asset Value window is displayed.

Ability to Control the Creation Public Favorites

In this release, CPQ enables the administrator to control which user or profile can save a configuration as Public. The Administrator can achieve that by hiding the Scope field in the Favorite Configuration object for specific profiles or users. By defining field-level security, the Administrator can control the visibility of the Scope field. When the Scope field is visible, the users can save a configuration record as Public or Private by selecting from the picklist. Otherwise, the configuration record is saved as Private.

Ability to Hide Promotions After Coupons Are Generated

In this release, CPQ enables administrators to hide promotions after coupons are generated. The user must enter the coupon code to apply coupons instead.

Ability to Enable and Disable Quote Collaboration notification

In this release, a dedicated checkbox called Enable Notification Feed is added in Config System Properties to enable and disable popup notification. This functionality is only to enable and disable the Quote Collaboration notification. The checkbox is selected by default; however, when you upgrade CPQ, ensure that you select the checkbox.

Ability to Split the Related Line Item from Service Line

In this release, you can clone services with some or all related line items based on the split criteria in the Service CPQ flow by using the Split feature when reviewing the related line items in the cart. Click Split and select one or more criteria on the related line item popup and click Split. CPQ clones the service line and associates the related line items to the cloned service line based on the split criteria. After splitting, the price is recalculated accordingly.

Ability to Clone a Service Line

This release gives the ability to clone the configured service lines. Select one or more service lines and click the copy icon ( ). Only the service line and its configuration are cloned. Any associated assets are not cloned. This ensures that you can associate different assets with the service line. This enables you to reuse the service line configuration.

Ability to Create Shared Option Group from Structure Tab in CPQ Admin

This release enables you to create shared Option Groups in CPQ Admin from the bundle page itself. The shared Option Groups can be associated with multiple bundles. Earlier, on the bundle page, you could only create Option Groups specific to that bundle. Now, you need not navigate back to a different page every time you need to create an option group that can be used by more than one bundle.


The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Enhancement to Bucket Adjustment

This release enhances the bucket adjustment feature. Now, if you apply the adjustment on a bucket which does not exist, CPQ searches for the preceding bucket to apply the adjustment to it. This ensures that in the absence of a bucket the adjustment is not automatically applied on the Starting Price of the line item.

Ability to Apply and Remove Promotions on Multiple Line Items (Mass Application)

In this release, CPQ enables administrators to apply or remove promotions on the line items individually or on multiple line items together.

Advanced Asset Pricing Criteria

In this release, CPQ enables administrators to configure the asset pricing criteria with line status and override default asset pricing for line statuses.

Enhancement to Adjustment Type

In this release, CPQ provides more adjustments types to the users. You can apply the discount and markup on the Base Price. You can apply adjustments on a bundle product without applying the adjustments on the options. You can apply adjustments on the bundle or total such that the net adjustment % on the Bundle or Total is set to the user-requested value.

Enhanced UI to Apply Promotions and Coupons

In this release, CPQ enables administrators to apply or remove promotions or coupons on the line items individually or on multiple line items together (mass application). Promotions and coupon applications must be mutually exclusive.

Enhancement to Collaboration Request

The enhancements to the Collaboration feature are as follows:

  • You can now define access permissions to control which user or profile can use the Collaboration Request feature. You can define Create, Read, Edit, Delete, View All, and Modify All access permissions for a user or profile.
  • The visibility of the collaboration icon on the cart page is now in accordance with the access permission defined for that profile.
  • Now, only the users with Edit, Delete or Modify All access are available in the User drop-down list on the collaboration popup. The collaborator can only request the users with proper access to collaborate on a configuration.
  • The Finalize button is disabled on the cart page when the collaboration requests are not closed. This prevents the collaborators from finalizing the quote premature.

Enhancement to Save as Favorite Feature

This release enhances the Save as Favorite feature. CPQ gives you the ability to control which user or profile can use Favorite Feature by defining access permissions for a user or profile.

Enhancement to CSCR

This release enhances the Client Side Constraint Rule (CSCR). Now, Match in Cart Option is supported for Inclusion, Exclusion, Validation type constraint rules.

Extension for Filter Criteria Field in Lookup Field Settings

In this release, CPQ provides the field Filter Criteria 2 as an extension for Filter Criteria. The values in two fields are concatenated to generate a longer expression.

Enhancement to Reprice and Validate

In this release, you need not click Reprice when an inclusion constraint rule adds or removes a product based on the quote header field from a saved configuration. Also, you only need to click Validate once to update the configuration changes that are based on different rules and to recalculate the price.

Enhancements to the User Interface

The Related Line Items modal window is enhanced in this release. You can now resize the window by dragging the right-hand side bottom corner.