New Features

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Currency Rounding

In this release, CPQ enables administrators to configure currency rounding in pricing calculations. This feature rounds adjustments before calculating the base price.

Fallback Mechanism when Contract Price is Unavailable

In this release, CPQ enables you to quote the correct price to the customer even if none of the contract price lists are applicable. When there is no contract price available, CPQ falls back to the quote price list to verify if it has an applicable price list item.

Contract Term Management

In this release, CPQ enables you to load the asset line with base price as defined by a flow-level setting Base Price Defaulting Method For Renewal. You can renew an asset using the current contract value and make adjustments only on the delta price using the Apply Adj To Current Contract Term setting. Also, CPQ tracks the current contract term and current contract value separately from the selling term.

Visibility into Adjustments on Contract Price

In this release, CPQ enables you to know what adjustments were applied as part of a contract price list so that you can negotiate better with customers.


The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Categories for Favorite Configuration

In this release, Favorite Configuration feature is enhanced. Now, you can categorize the configuration when you save them as favorite. You can filter them using the categories when you import the favorites on the Catalog page. The administrator must define the categories in Config System Properties.

Counter on the Mini-Cart and Recommendation Icons

In this release, the mini-cart feature in enhanced. Now, you can see a dynamic counter displayed next to the mini-cart icon on the catalog page. The counter reflects the number of products present in the cart. Also, a counter is displayed next to the recommendation icon if the recommendation constraint rule is satisfied by any of the products you added to the cart.

Support for Recommendation Rules on the Client-side

In this release, CPQ now provides support for Recommendation type constraint rules on the client-side.

Ability to Apply a Promotions Multiple Times

In this release, CPQ enables you to apply a promotion on a line item multiple times. When you are applying a promotion to multiple lines, if the same promotion is already applied to a line, CPQ skips that line and applies the promotion to the remaining items.

Support for Using AND to Concatenate Qualifying Products for Promotions

In this release, CPQ supports using AND to concatenate qualifying products while defining a promotion. However, it is possible only if you selected Promotion Type as Buy X Get Y on the Information page.

Administrator-Defined Views for Assets Grid

In this release, CPQ enables administrators to create a view and share it with selected users to be displayed as a view on the Assets grid.

Custom Validation Logic for Effective Termination date

In this release, CPQ enables you to use a custom logic to validate the date entered for the cancellation. If the validation fails, an error message is displayed.

Ability to Get Price Matrix Entry Applied on Line Item

In this release, CPQ enables administrators to associate a cost (custom field) to each of the price matrix entry because the cost varies with the price and hence the margin is affected. The price matrix entries that are applied on the line item can be accessed in the line item.

Ability to Apply Cumulative Range Matrix without Spanning Multiple Line Items

In this release, CPQ enables administrators to define step pricing so that users can quote correct prices to customers. You can create a matrix where the Dimension Type is Cumulative Range - Line Item.

CPQ pages in Lightning Experience

In this release, CPQ enhances the CPQ VF pages to reflect the Lightning Experience styling. Now, you can use CPQ VF pages in Lightning Experience without errors.

Enhanced Constraint Rule

In this release, CPQ enhances the exclusion and inclusion type constraint rules. Now, in the scenario when a product, which hidden by an exclusion rule and the same product is also a part of a prompt in inclusion rule, then if a product satisfies both the rules then that product is not displayed on the inclusion prompt. Earlier, the product was visible on the prompt even when the exclusion rule was satisfied. In cases when all the products are hidden by the exclusion rule, a blank prompt is displayed.

Enhanced Bundle Maintenance Batch Job

In this release, CPQ enhances the bundle maintenance batch job. Now, if you execute a bundle maintenance batch job for a bundle that has a large number of options and sub-bundle in a Fast Mode, a message is displayed that prevents you from executing the batch job. Fast Mode batch job can only be used for a limited number of options and sub-bundles.

Ability to Display Contract Term Billing Detail during Termination

In this release, CPQ provides the flexibility to terminate a subscription and view the accurate billing impact on the asset Termination page. If you terminate an asset after renewing it, the billing amount is calculated for the renewal period (not from the inception of the asset).

Support for Space and New Line in Custom Setting Fields

In this release, CPQ enhances the format of entering multiple values in Custom Setting fields. Now, you can use space or new line to separate values you enter in the fields.

Standardized Cart Theme

In this release, CPQ introduces a new standardized theme for the Cart. This theme changes the look and feel of the Cart. However, the functionalities available on the Cart remains the same. The new standardized theme is applied to the cart by default as Cart Themes namely Nova and Classic are deprecated. The new standardized theme includes an enhanced CSS. If you have any customized CSS for your cart, you must adjust them accordingly to accommodate the new CSS.

End of Support or End of Life for Certain Features

In this release, CPQ ends support for certain features and ends the life certain features.

Deprecated Managed Package Visualforce Pages

The CPQ managed package Visualforce pages (classic pages) such as the Catalog, Cart, Configuration, and Installed Products pages are discontinued.

Deprecated Angular User Interface

CPQ ended support for the Angular user interface. CPQ no longer supports any feature on the Angular user interface. Customers must use the Cart Grid user interface.

Deprecated Cart Themes

Cart themes are discontinued. Now, a standardized theme is implemented which is displayed on the cart regardless of the cart theme defined in the Config System Properties. CPQ only supports a standardized look and feel.