The following section describes the existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Enhancements to Option Group Min/Max Validation

In this release, CPQ does not consider options that are marked optional using Is Optional checkbox while validating Min/Max criteria of Option Groups on the Configuration page. You must select other options that are not optional to satisfy the Min/Max criteria.

Ability to Disable Price List Item Time Adjustment

In this release, CPQ introduces the APTS_DisablePLITimeZoneAdj admin setting. Use this admin setting to disable the time zone adjustment on the Price List Item fields. By default, the time on the Effective Date and  Expiration Date fields in the price list item is adjusted based on the time zone of the locale defined at the org level. When you disable the time zone adjustment using this admin setting, CPQ does not alter the time you manually specified in the Effective Date and  Expiration Date fields.

Ability to Process Promotions in Batches for a Large Number of Line Items

In this release, during the pricing, you can process the promotions in batches for a cart with a large number of line items. You can add the APTS_IncentivePricingBatchSize Admin Setting to define the batch size of line items. The batch processing is only supported for Buy X Get X promotions with Auto Apply? enabled. You can use this feature for both regular and async pricing.