New Features 

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Introducing Enterprise as a QTC Profile Value

In this release, CPQ introduces Enterprise as a new QTC Profile value for customers who use TurboPricing. CPQ can process a maximum of 2000 lines in a single cart (without splitting the cart into smaller chunks). Sales Representative can now select the QTC Profile as Enterprise during quote creation. CPQ uses TurboPricing to process cart pricing and performs the downstream operations of finalizing the cart, creating an agreement (single agreement), creating an order (single order), and creating assets in asynchronous mode.

Ability to Create Coupons for Incentives using API

In this release, CPQ allows you to create coupons for an incentive using the createCouponsForIncentives API. CPQ creates coupons in sync or async mode based on the number of coupons generated.


The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Support for the Product Attribute Value Extension Object in Document Generation 

In this release, CPQ allows you to use the attributes defined in the Product Attribute Value Extension object in Document Generation from the quote.

Ability to Hide Option Groups with Hidden Options

In this release, CPQ hides option groups on the Configuration page if all the options in that group are hidden based on Exclusion type Constraint Rules or Option Filter Callback class.

Faster Display of Email Templates

In this release, CPQ displays email templates faster on the Documentation Generation page. Earlier, CPQ took more than 45 seconds to load the email templates before you can select them.

Ability to Display Adjustments to Options in Bundle and Summary Group Net Adjustment %

In this release, CPQ reflects the adjustments you applied on the options at the bundle and summary totals level. The administrator must add a new admin setting APTS_RollUpOptionNetAdjustment and define the value as True.

Ability to Filter Products by Product Codes in the Benefits Section

In this release, CPQ allows you to filter products by their codes in the Benefits section. You could filter products by their names in the Benefits section so far.

Ability to Populate Incentive Codes for Lines with 0$ Price

In this release, if there are line items with $0 price but eligible for promotions, CPQ still populates incentive codes for those line items.

Ability to Apply Buy X Get Y Promotions on Multiple Line Items of Y Products

In this release, CPQ allows you to apply promotions on multiple line items of benefit products (Y) in Buy X Get Y scenarios.

Enhancements to the getIncentivesForCart API

In this release, CPQ allows you to retrieve incentives for bundle line items in a specific cart.

Ability to Search for the Existence of a Custom Field in CPQ Objects

In this release, CPQ allows you to retrieve the list of objects in which a specific custom field is used. You can use the findCriteriaFieldInCustomSettings global method to retrieve such a list.

Support for Pagination for a Large Number of Assets

In this release, CPQ supports pagination for large number of assets on the Installed Products page.

Flexible Adjustment of Billing Schedules

In this release, CPQ introduces a new field Single Transaction Adjustment on the proposal, agreement, and order objects to control the adjustment of billing based on the context in which the discount is applied. When a Sales Representative selects this checkbox on a proposal, billing schedules are adjusted from the start of the contract term.

Confirmation Pop-up on Config Settings Page

In this release, CPQ displays a confirmation pop-up when you define or update values in Config Settings. You can also use the pop-up to navigate to the Custom Setting Maintenance Job because it is required to execute the batch job after any change in Custom Settings.

Async Pricing for Regular Cart

In this release, CPQ allows you to process pricing async mode for a regular cart. You can click Submit For Pricing(Async) on the Cart page.

Ability to Sync Proposal Line Items and Opportunity in Smart Cart

In this release, CPQ allows you to synchronize proposal line items with the associated opportunity in a Smart Cart flow. You can manually or automatically sync the line item on the configuration defined by the administrator.

Ability to Preview Files

In this release, CPQ allows you to preview Files on the Doc Gen Wizard page. When you enable the Enable Files setting, you can preview the files by clicking the thumbnails to preview PDF files on the Doc Gen Wizard page.

Enhancements to Fast Doc Gen

In this release, CPQ enhances document generation using the Send Proposal button. When you enable the Enable Fast Doc Gen setting, CPQ generates a default document automatically on the Doc Gen page based on the template defined in Query Template Filter and the Default Template Name setting.

Ability to Define Threshold Limit for Constraint Rule Maintenance Job

In this release, CPQ enhances the execution of the Constraint Rule Maintenance Job. When you executed this job for a large number of constraint rules, CPQ encountered governor limits. Now, you can define a threshold percentage which when exceeded, CPQ divides the maintenance job into batches and continues to execute the job without hitting governor limits. You can use the CR Maintenance Governor Limits Threshold setting in Config System Properties.

Support for Match in Service Assets Match Condition

In this release, CPQ enhances the Client-Side Constraint Rule with a new matching condition that is Match in Service Assets. You can use this functionality to apply constraint rules services in Service Catalog.

Optimized Lookup Column Population on Cart

In this release, CPQ is enhanced for improved performance by optimizing the population of columns with lookup fields on the Cart page. By default, CPQ pre-populates certain values in the lookup columns and you can enable the optimized population of lookup fields on the Cart page using Enable Quick View in Config System Properties. When the setting is disabled, you must search for the values in the column to select the desired value on the Cart page.

Enhancement to Is Optional Checkbox

In this release, CPQ enhances the Is Optional checkbox allowing you to edit the checkbox of the radio button option group where the parent bundle is optional.

End of Life for Certain Features

Guided Search

From this release, CPQ no longer supports the Guided Search feature.