New Features

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Mass Option Selection Before Pricing on Configuration Page

The Mass Option Selection feature allows the Sales rep to select, clear the selection, and update options and attributes in one go before processing pricing and expression and invoking rules. By default, CPQ calculates pricing, processes relevant expression, and executes associated rules each time you select, clear, or update an option or attribute. You can enable this feature by selecting the Check Many Options Custom Setting and adding Confirm Option Selections to the Summary Panel on the Configuration page.

Suspend Assets

You can suspend assets for a particular period of time. When an asset is suspended, it is not available for any other ABO action (except Terminate) until you manually resume it. You can suspend assets only through Suspend APIs (SOAP and REST) in this release, but not on the UI.

Resume Assets

You can resume a suspended asset, which means bringing it back to effect and making it available for other ABO actions. You can resume assets only through Resume APIs (SOAP and REST), but not on the UI.


The following section describes the existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Support for Progress Spinner on Cart While Save Salesforce Operations

CPQ now displays a sync icon instead of a progress bar while syncing the data from Turbo to Salesforce after the pricing process is completed. This reduces the wait time and you can proceed to edit the cart. Earlier, CPQ displayed a progress bar for the entire process of pricing and did not allow you to update or view the line items till the syncing action was also completed.

Support for Selecting Same Attribute Multiple Times in Charge Type Criteria

CPQ now enables you to select the same attribute multiple times in the Charge Type Criteria pop-up while creating a price list item. Earlier, CPQ did not display the Value field if you selected the same attribute.

Enhanced Price Waterfall Display Setup

You can create multiple waterfalls for a price pipeline. When you select the price pipeline, the waterfall is displayed based on the criteria you defined during the waterfall setup. The User Criteria is added to the waterfall criteria pop-up to define the user criteria. Currently, you can use only ‘user role’ as a criteria field.

Provision to View and Update Line Item Fields in the Price Waterfall Display UI

You can view and update the Line Item Fields in the Price Waterfall page as required without navigating to the cart page. However, you must add the required Line Item fields during the waterfall setup. Also if you want to give the Sales rep the ability to edit, mark one or more of the Line Item Fields as editable. This feature helps you validate the values of key Line Item Fields such as base price, net price, adjustments, option price, and extended price without navigating to the cart page.