New Features 

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Support for Translated Picklist Values in Document Generation

Non-English users can now get translated values of picklist during document generation. To achieve this, CPQ introduces the APTS_TranslatePickValuesInDocs admin setting. Earlier, CPQ used the values defined in English in the generated documents instead of the translated values.

Express Proposal

The Express Proposal feature allows you to generate and send proposal in fewer clicks. After you add and price the products in the cart, click Express Quote to finalize the cart, select a template, generate the quote and email the document to the customers, and mark the quote as presented. You can use the Express Proposal from Catalog, Configuration, and Cart pages by clicking the Express Quote button. You can configure this feature in single-click mode or prompt mode. In prompt mode CPQ displays a popup on the Cart page where you must select a template for document generation, add recipients, and define the Presented checkbox; in single-click mode, CPQ executes all tasks automatically.

Configure the Execution of the RelatedLineItem Trigger

CPQ introduces a new global flag isTriggerInitiatedUpdate to control the execution of the RelatedLineItem trigger. When the value of the flag is set to True, CPQ skips the execution of the RelatedLineItem trigger. CPQ does not use the out-of-the-box logic to allocate the net price of the service line item to all related line items on updating the related line items from the custom code.


The following section describes the existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Adjust Column Width on Cart

You can now adjust the width of the columns on the Cart page by dragging the right border of the columns.

Support for Automatic Unlocking of Idle Cart with Concurrent Access

You can now define a time limit for unlocking idle carts with concurrent access, which are currently open in edit mode by a Sales rep. When the time limit is exceeded, other Sales reps can open the cart in edit mode, who previously could only open them in read-only mode. You can configure the time limit using the Cart Edit Access Idle Timeout in Minutes setting in Config System Properties. 

Enhanced Bundle-Option Scenarios with Auto Cascade Selling Term Calculation

CPQ supports more bundle-option scenarios for calculating the selling term with the Auto Cascade Selling Term setting set to True and/or False.

Ability to Filter Products by Product Codes in the Criteria Section of Promotions

You can filter products by their codes in the Criteria section while defining a promotion. You could filter products by their names in the Criteria section so far.

Support for Every X Get X Promotions for Multiple Products

You can create a promotion of type Every X Get X where X can be multiple products or any product from a group provided the quantity requirements are fulfilled for each product. In prior releases, you could select only a single product for X in For Every X Get X promotion.

Display Benefit Quantity for Every X Get X or Every X Get Y Promotions

In a For Every X Get X or For Every X Get Y scenario, when a line item gets the benefit, CPQ displays the quantity of the product that received the promotion benefit, on the Benefit Quantity column on the Multiple Adjustments pop-up. When a line item gets the benefit in these scenarios, the entire quantity of that line item may not always receive the benefit and hence you may want to view the quantity that received the benefit.

Invoke Validation Callback on Click of View Cart

You can now invoke Validation Callback on the Cart page upon clicking the View Cart on the Mini-Cart. When the Validation Callback is invoked, CPQ executes the custom logic defined in the callback and displays any validation errors on the Cart page. You must enable the Run Validation Callback On Add setting in Config System Properties.

Launch the Installed Products Page Directly from a URL for the Add/Remove Flow

You can launch the Installed Products page directly from a URL for the Add/Remove flow, where you can modify the association of assets with services. CPQ enables you to define a custom formula action to launch the Installed Products page directly from the custom cart page.

Enhanced the CPQRESTServiceExecuteJob REST API

The CPQRESTServiceExecuteJob REST API can now trigger the following maintenance or batch jobs:

  • CategoryMaintenanceBatchJob
  • BundleUpdateJob
  • UpdatePriceQJob
  • RepriceCartJob

Earlier, this API supported only the ConfigDataStaticResourceUpsertJob.

Deprecated Features

The following fields or settings are deprecated in this release.

  • The Allowable Action field on the Details tab while creating a price rule and price pipeline rule
  • The Criteria Product and Product Family Criteria fields on the Benefits section while creating a For Every X Get X promotion 
  • The Revalidation Product Columns setting in Config System Properties