The following section describes the existing feature that is changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Prevent Users from Finalizing a Cart If Bundle Configuration Does Not Honor Min Options for an Option Group

CPQ can now prevent sales representatives from finalizing the cart if the bundle configuration does not honor the Min Options configured for an option group of that bundle. This feature is useful when:

  • Min Options is defined for an option group.
  • The option group is hidden because the options under it do not have any active price list items.
  • The Sales Representative finalizes the cart when there are no active products in an option group to fulfil the minimum number of options.

CPQ introduces an admin setting APTS_ExecuteMinMaxRulesOnInactiveOptions to execute this feature. When this admin setting is set to True, CPQ displays an error message that configuration is pending for the bundle that has the option group (where options have inactive PLIs). Thus, CPQ prevents Sales Representatives from finalizing such carts.