New Features 

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Introducing a new Admin Setting APTS_OpenNewTabOnCartAction

When you try to perform any cart actions, a new web browser tab is opened by default to perform them. But, after finalizing the cart, the new tab still stays and creates confusion about whether the cart actions are performed successfully or not. The new admin setting APTS_OpenNewTabOnCartAction is introduced to decide where the cart actions are to be performed. 

Introducing a new Admin Setting APTS_HideCartKebabMenuColumn

In this release, you can control the additional action column (or kebab menu column) visibility on the cart grid. Using this admin setting, you can hide or show the additional column based on the requirement.

Introducing a new Admin Setting APTS_ReorderBasedOnLineSequence

CPQ introduces an admin setting APTS_ReorderBasedOnLineSequence to display the line item in the same sequence as it was reordered on the UI. For example, on the cart page, when you rearrange the line item sequence using the drag and drop method in the UI, and then call this APTS_ReorderBasedOnLineSequence admin setting, the UI changes are honored, and the line items are reordered according to the order displayed on the UI.