New features

The following feature is new to CPQ in this release.

Distinguish Cloned Options on the Bundle Configuration Page

On the bundle configuration page, under Itemized Options, CPQ now provides a way to distinguish the cloned options from the other option products based on line item fields.

CPQ could earlier display only the options associated with bundle products. If you cloned an option product that had the name matching with an option product in another bundle, you could not distinguish the cloned option products from the other option products.


The following enhancements are new to CPQ in this release.

Update Renewal Opportunity's Currency with the Renewal Quote's Currency

CPQ updates the currency of the opportunity line items created on the opportunity of the auto-renewal quote or agreement with the same currency as of the Auto or On Demand renewal quote or agreement.

Removed the Extra White Space Between Hidden Options and Option Groups

When you hide an option or option group on the Configuration page, you do not see an extra white space where the option or option group is hidden.

Enhancement to the Progress Tracker for Async Operation

Currently, you can enable the progress tracker for async operations only on Quote/Proposal or Agreement objects. 

In this release, CPQ also tracks and displays the real-time progress of the asynchronous actions performed on the Order object. Hence, the sales rep can view the cart finalization progress bar on the order header page once you initiate the async finalization of the cart. 

This feature is helpful when you are configuring a large quote and finalize the cart asynchronously. The tracker informs the Sales Rep of the progress in real-time. It also immediately informs the Sales Rep in case of errors and provides detailed information about the error, helpful for debugging.

Enhancement to Quote Analyze

  • You can view product descriptions and line numbers on the Quote Analyze page by hovering over the info icon next to each product.
  • To improve product differentiation, line numbers have been added before the product name, making it easier for you to distinguish between various line items.
  • Streamlined the interface by removing the hyperlink for the Charge Type, simplifying the Quote Analyze page for a smoother user experience.

Asset-based Ordering (ABO) Adjustments for Ramp Lines and Others

Asset-based Ordering (ABO) seamlessly incorporates Price Ramps. It allows you to create and apply price adjustments to cart line items generated from assets products.

Also, it supports Price Ramps and ramp adjustments that enable you to manage multiple adjustments, including manual ones, for the ordering process.

Enhancement to Validate Button to Cascade all Attributes from Bundle to Option

By clicking the Validate button, any attribute modifications you make to a bundle will seamlessly extend to newly included options, eliminating the need for additional actions and ensuring attribute consistency.

Defaulting Options of Sub Bundle are added if Sub Bundle is added via API

The system automatically includes defaulted options and sub-bundles when adding a bundle via API, ensuring all required configuration elements are present. Similarly, when adding a sub-bundle via API, the system also includes defaulted options and sub-bundles to maintain consistency.

Enable Async Tracker operation Framework for Order

We are enabling the Async Tracker operation framework for the Order object's activation API batch monitoring status. This enhancement allows Sales Representatives to track the progress of order finalization on the quote header page in real-time.