New Features

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Product Bundle Enhancements

Product bundle functionality has been enhanced to include sub-bundles.

Quick Quote Mode

You can use Quick Quote mode to quickly select numerous products from the product selection page directly from an opportunity with just one click.

Cloning a Bundle within the same Quote

You can clone a bundle within the same quote, make modifications, and use it as another bundle.

Contract Pricing

Contract pricing represents pricing associated with certain products based on one or more agreements.
The contract pricing overrides the list price from the standard price list.

Displaying Select Products page sections

You can hide the right-side section on the Select Products page, which by default is displayed.

Reprice Quote

Use the Reprice Quote feature to reprice all the parameters with a single click from the Quote/Proposal page.

Number Formatting in the Shopping Cart

Formatting is applied to numeric fields in CPQ, to ensure they display as expected.