New Features

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Installing CPQ Packages

While not new features, you should be sure to run constraint rule maintenance, category maintenance, criteria maintenance, and bundle maintenance, after you have upgraded.

New User Interface (UI)

CPQ has been uplifted to an all new look and feel to provide an enhanced user experience with simplified navigation capabilities, visibility into key information, and fewer steps to create a quote.

CPQ Administration

CPQ Administration has been enhanced and upgraded to provide better usability and ease of navigation.

Price Ramps

Price Ramps are enhanced pricing methods for service/subscription based industry. You can create a price ramp for a product to spread pricing across time periods. You can also create user quantity ramps to define different pricing across different quantities.

Tiered Pricing

Similar to Price Ramps, Tiered Pricing is also enhanced pricing configuration used typically in service/subscription based industry. Tiered pricing can be based on the unit by usage or on usage commitment basis.

Product Comparison

Product comparison allows you to compare features of multiple products on the catalog page enabling you to narrow down to products that best fit the customer's needs.

Product Footnotes

Product Footnote object and two other objects are added. Proposal Footnote and Agreement Footnote enable you to dynamically include static footnote content in your quote/proposal documents, based on the products that are included in the quote as Proposal Line Items.

Refining your Search

When you are selecting items from the Product Catalog, Refine Your Search enables you to narrow the list of products to those that match your search filters.

Multi-level Bundles Enhancement

CPQ has been enhanced to manage complex product configurations with multiple layers of bundles. It makes the product hierarchy and relationships accessible among product bundles and inner bundles.

Configurable Shopping Cart Page

You can configure which standard columns and actions are available in the shopping cart, the style they use, and the order in which they are displayed.
You can also create your own custom fields and actions and display them in the shopping cart.

Guided Selling Enhancements

The new Guided Selling administration enables you to easily create guided selling flows with Salesforce Flow Designer. Salesforce Flow Designer allows you to create a list of questions and answers options. You can then map those questions with Apttus Search Attribute Value object custom fields that correspond to the questions.

Product Attribute Administration Enhancement

The Product Attribute administration has been modified to make it a simple and straightforward process.

Assets Enhancement

Check boxes in the asset line items have been introduced to select multiple assets at once to act against the four choices.

Product Visibility

When you configure products for a quote/proposal, you can control which products from the price list are visible based on search filters, where you set up the criteria of your choosing.