New Features

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Display of Progress Indicator between Page Transitions

When a user transitions between pages (such as from the Catalog page to the Shopping cart), a progress bar is displayed.
The text and image can further be customized to provide relevant information to the user such as promotional or informational messages.

Selling Term Enhancement

The Selling Term field has been enhanced on the shopping cart page.

Bundle Maintenance Enhancement

The Update in Fast Mode button has been added to the Update Bundle Components page. Using the Update in Fast Mode button, you can run bundle maintenance for basic bundles with a limited number of options. For complex bundles with many sub-bundles and many options, you need to run bundle maintenance using the Update in Batch Mode.

CSS Override Functionality on the Product Comparison Page

This release enables you to customize the CSS of the Compare Products Visualforce page.

Performance Optimization Enhancements

CPQ 7.0 release provides certain performance optimization enhancements.