New Features

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Dynamically Assign Values Using Numeric Expression

This new feature allows the product rule modelers to set value based on an expression.
The expression is built using an Advanced Expression Builder, using fields from related line item, attribute value, product and quote objects, common operators and common functions typically made available for the Salesforce Formula field.

Custom Fields in Price Validation

This enhancement enables you to configure CPQ such that an end user has to reprice the line items before finalizing the cart if the values of certain custom fields of that line item changes.

Multiple Layouts for Page Columns and Actions

As an administrator, you can now vary the Catalog, Options, Attributes, Installed Products and Cart pages that an end user interacts with as well as the data and actions within those pages based on the end user profile and other business rules.
This is made possible by introducing the concept of Flows. Flows are groups of pages that are assigned to each step in the CPQ process.

Ability to Select Multiple Products for Product Group Inclusion Rule

For an Inclusion Rule with Min/Max Rule as Include Min/Max, now you can select multiple products, from the constraint rule action dialog box, at once.

Co-terminate End Date Section for Amend and Cancel Actions

Co-terminate end date section has been enabled for Amend and Cancel actions.

Performance Improvements for Dynamic Image Rendering

Image rendering for pages has been enhanced to limit page re-directions and for performance improvements.