New Features

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Creating Numeric Roll-Up Summary Fields for Objects

A Roll-Up Summary Field can be defined at the Cart level or at a Bundle Product Level to aggregate value from each line item in the given context and with a match condition to filter out unwanted lines.

Backdated Termination of Assets

For an asset, you can specify a Cancellation Date or End date prior to the current date and terminate the asset. This helps in generating a cancellation quote or order for a customer.

Locking Option Quantity

You can now choose to lock an option quantity value that is populated using numeric expressions.

Attribute Based Pricing Enhancements

CPQ Attributes feature is enhanced further to derive the price for a product from an attribute without additional configurations to the Attribute Group for that attribute.

Auto-Inclusion Based on Line Item Updates

While creating auto-inclusion constraint rules, you can specify an Action Criteria based on which products are auto-included. For every new product auto-included, line items are added to the cart. You can now update the fields of the auto-included line items, such as quantity, term, base price, and adjustment type.
You can also update the fields based on conditions defined in the Update Expression field.

Reordering Subcategories or Products

When you associate Subcategories with a category and products with a subcategory or category, you can now reorder the sequence in which they appear to the user even after association.
Reordering of categories can be done from the leaf as well as root nodes.

Performance Enhancements

New performance enhancements have been introduced for the May 2015 release.

Enhanced CSS

All the Cart, Options, Attributes, and Catalog pages have been enhanced for a better user experience.
You can choose to use the Enhanced CSS by navigating to Config Settings > System Properties and selecting Use Enhanced CSS. You can also override the new CSS by navigating to Config Settings > System Properties and specifying a new CSS in the CSS Override field.