New Features

The following features are new to CPQ in this release.

Enhancements to the new UI

  • New action type for custom buttons: The Action Type column under Config Settings > Display Action Settings has a new drop-down value called Quick Redirect. You can use this action type to redirect your sales rep to another page using the custom button and to not show the spinner on the cart page. This option ignores the unsaved changes made by the sales rep before clicking the custom button.
  • Enhancements to Compare Product feature: Compare Products feature on the catalog has the following enhancements:
    • The system indicates the number of products that you have chosen to compare inside parenthesis on the Compare button. This helps you keep a count of the number of products selected for comparison on different pages on the catalog page. After product selection, the system also indicates how many products you have selected for comparison, as 'n' selected. You can select the products from different categories.
    • You can remove a product from the selection by clicking the X icon adjacent to each product.
    • The products are listed in the Compare Products selection dialog box based on the order of your selection and not in an alphabetical order.

Enhancements to Proposal Document Generation

Default Primary Contact for Email: The Email action button allows you to populate the Primary Contact information linked to the Account. The system by default populates the email information of the Primary Contact field in the To field.

Enhancements to Quote Collaboration

In a multi-tier collaboration, the collaborator can add another product to the child cart, which he feels should be part of the overall configuration. He can then send the configuration back to the sales rep. In the parent cart, sales rep sees the newly added product as a separate line item.
You can configure the fields displayed in assigned products and completed configuration tabs of collaboration pop-up from collaboration parent line items and collaboration child line items display column settings respectively. When you upgrade to this release, ensure that you save these two settings for collaboration pop-up to function correctly.

Enhancements to Smart Search

With this release, the Smart Search functionality has the following enhancements:

  • When you populate the Enhanced Search URL with the correct URL, the system synchronizes all the changes at every hour and displays the results in the Review Sync Status section. If you do not specify the Enhanced Search URL, the system neither performs the sync nor updates the information in the Review Sync Status section.
  • The Product fields mentioned in the Add and Review Product Field Weightage section can be of type text, picklist, rich text, numeric. It can also be a mix of all these types of fields.

Enhancements to Asset-based Ordering

  • On the Installed Products page, when you expand a bundle product that has attributes, you see critical attribute values at both, the bundle and the sub-bundle level.
  • On Renewing an asset with ramps, you will now see only the last ramp on the Renewal Cart. This means the renewal cart will show a single, last ramp which uses the uplift from the previous ramp to derive the renewal price.

Improvement: Support for custom fields on Adjustment Line Item

Introduced with CPQ August 2016 SP1 Patch 5
You can now display custom fields that you have defined for the Adjustment Line Item object on the cart page. Before, only out-of-the-box fields were supported for the Adjustment Line Item object.