New Enhancements

The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Enhancement to Cost and Profitability

On the Analyze Quote page, you can see the Net Price field by default for the Line Item Key Metrics and Totals section. Two new Display Types, 'Optional Cost' and 'Profitability Fields' are added to the Display Column Settings. You can display additional fields in the waterfall for Cost Line Item and Adjustment Line Item fields.

Enhancement to Proposal Document Generation

You can add document hyperlinks from external sources and merge them with the Proposal. A new Add URL button launches a pop-up that gives you the ability to enter valid document (Docx and PDF) hyperlinks.

Enhancement to Product Comparison

The Return to Catalog button now takes you back to the last category that you had browsed for product selection. For example, you had selected Product 1 from Category A and Product 2 from Category B. Once you are on the Product Comparison page, clicking Return to Catalog takes you to Category B and the catalog page (containing all the categories).

Enhancement to Account locations on catalog and cart

The account filters on the catalog and cart pages have been enhanced to let the sales representative choose products easily as per the account and proposal locations. For the catalog page, depending on your selection of account and proposal locations, the products are filtered. For the cart page, depending on the lookup filter criteria defined under lookup field settings, the products are filtered.

Enhancement to Smart Search

The smart search has been enhanced to be used with the Azure search. This gives quick search ability of products on the catalog page. A new custom setting called Search Environment has been defined to implement the Azure search. This setting is defaulted to work with Azure search, if you are installing the package for the first time. In the case of an upgrade, you must deactivate smart search so that the system moves to the Azure search once you reactivate smart search.

Enhancements to Admin Console

  • Clone Constraint Rule: You now have the ability to directly clone a constraint rule. This allows you to reduce time creating redundant information and simply clone a rule and update select information to increase efficiency.
  • Saved Search: Users can now create and apply saved product searches on the product lister. Users can apply operations to any product field to quickly filter and refine their searches. Additionally, these advanced search queries can be saved for use in the future.

Enhancement to Asset-based Ordering

Asset pricing without workflow rules: You can now manage Asset pricing without creating a workflow rule. This feature helps you pick the selling price of an asset or its new price from the Price List item as and when needed. With this feature, you can choose to

  • Retain the asset price on the cart (default asset price)
  • Go back to the Price List Item and fetch the new price of the asset. This happens when the parameter driving pricing undergoes change.