One of the first steps in working with Conga Gridâ„  is to choose which fields you want to display. See the following sections:

  • Organize Fields
  • Search Fields
  • View Field API Names and Help Text

Organize Fields

In the Conga Grid Explorer, click an object in the object list and click Configure. The Configure menu on the right side of the application lists the available fields for the current object. Select the specific fields you want to view.

As you add and remove fields in the Configure menu, the grid automatically refreshes to show your changes. This behavior is controlled by the Auto Update check box at the bottom of the Configure menu. Clear the check box if you do not want the grid to refresh while you are selecting fields.

Here are some tips for organizing fields (also called columns):

  • To remove a field, clear the check box for the field name. Or click and drag the field off the grid.
  • To rearrange fields, click and drag them to their desired order.
  • To rename a field, right-click on the field name and select Column Settings. In the Column Settings screen, enter a column Label. For example, you can create shorter field names to maximize the number of columns displayed in the grid.
  • To enter a Default Value for a field, enter the value in the Column Settings screen. This is useful when you need to create many new records that have the same value in a field. When you click New object to create new records, that field will populate with the default value that you specified.
  • To make a field Read Only or Required, click the appropriate check box in the Column Settings screen.
  • To keep a selected column frozen on the left side of the grid while scrolling horizontally, right-click on the field name and click Freeze Column.
  • Once you have arranged fields the way you like them, you can save the current view. See Save Views for instructions.

Search Fields

Use the Search Fields box in the Configure menu to search for specific fields.

For example, suppose you are viewing a grid of Opportunity Products. Typing price in the Search Fields box shows all Opportunity Product field names that contain that string. If a field containing price is a related column (child), only the parent field is displayed.

Click the arrow icon above the check boxes twice to group all of the currently selected fields at the top of the available fields list. Click the arrow icon once to group the currently selected fields at the bottom of the list. Click the icon three times to revert the fields to their original order.

View API Field Names and Help Text

When you move the cursor over a field name in the Configure menu, a blue popup screen appears with the API Name and Help Text for that field (as set in Salesforce).