Normally when you run the Conga > Batch Invoice action on multiple records (see Conga Batch Solutions - Multiple Rows), Conga Batch creates separate output documents. The custom action code below will add a Conga Query item to the Action menu. It will pass the records into a single Conga Composer solution so that you can merge the records into one document.

The following code example only works with unique action names.

var templateId = 'a2to0000000YX8d';var queryId = 'a2lo0000000u0pl';var label = 'Conga Query';crmc.addCustomAction({ "itemID": "CongaQuery", fieldName: '', "isAvailable": function (context) { // This function is called before the action item is displayed and returns a boolean if the item should be displayed // By default determine availability based on Feature Security for this action return this.featureSecurity.getSetting(, this.itemID) !== false; }, "getLabel": function (context) { // This function returns the display label of the action item and is called before the item is shown return label; }, "createSubmenuItems": function (context) { // If this function returns additional action item objects, they will appear as submenu items return []; }, "click": function (context) { if (context.selectedRows.length > 0) { var ids = ''; Object.each(context.selectedRows, function(item) { if (ids.length > 0) ids += "'|'"; ids += item.Id; }); var url = "" + "?sessionId=" + sforce.connection.sessionId + "&ServerUrl=" + context.actionGrid.settings.Partner_Server_URL_290 + "&Id=" + sforce.connection.getUserInfo().userId + "&templateId=" + templateId + "&QueryId="+ queryId +"?pv0='" + ids +"'";, 'Conga', 'width=700,height=450,menubar=0'); } else { kendoPopup.popup('Please select records', 'Select at least one record to send to Conga.'); return; } },});