Editing Best Practices

Here are some tips for editing records in Grid:

  • For text fields, click inside of a grid cell to edit its value.
  • For date fields, click in the grid cell and enter a new date. Or, click the calendar icon and select a date from the calendar that appears.
  • Parent fields have options that let you select existing values. An example is when you are viewing a grid of Contacts and you click in an Account field. You can select from a list of existing accounts or click the magnifier icon to search for accounts. You receive a notification that you are editing a parent object. An example is when you are viewing a grid of Opportunities and you edit a Contact record. A blue triangle icon appears next to the field, reminding you that it has updated the parent object data too. Any other Opportunity associated with that Contact also updates.
  • Clicking the Edit link in the Action field displays a new Salesforce page for that record, where you can also edit fields as needed.
  • You cannot edit access levels for Opportunity Team Member.
  • When you edit a field, a small red triangle appears in the field to indicate that it has not yet been saved.
  • To revert your edits, click the drop-down arrow next to Save and click Revert Data.
  • To save your edits, click Save. If you are the owner of the current view, clicking Save also saves the current view. To save edits without saving the current view, click the drop-down arrow next to Save and click Save Data.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Press CTRL+ / to display a popup list with keyboard shortcuts that you can use. Or, click Configure in the Grid toolbar and select Keyboard Shortcuts.

Here is a list of the shortcuts that are available:

  • Press TAB to advance to the next field.
  • Press SHIFT+TAB to move to the previous field.
  • Press ENTER to advance to the next row.
  • Press SHIFT+ENTER to move up one row.
  • Press CTRL+[ or CTRL+] to traverse between parent and child grids.
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+S to display the Save View screen.
  • Press CTRL+\ to expand and collapse the Configure menu.
  • Press CTRL+I to insert a new empty row.
  • Press CTRL+S to save your edits.
  • Press CTRL+D to fill up or fill down.
  • Press CTRL+E to enable or disable Edit mode.
  • Press CTRL+V to paste data from an external table.

Configure Edit Options

Edit mode is enabled by default. You can disable Edit mode by pressing CTRL+E or by using the Configure menu. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Configure  button. The Configure menu appears.
  2. Expand the toolbar drop-down arrow.
  3. Click Save (Disable Edit). The grid is now in read-only mode. The Edit button appears in the toolbar. You must click this to resume editing.