1. Click Conga Grid Explorer.

  2. In the object list, click Conga Grid Views.

  3. Open the view that you want to set as the default view. You can double-click the associated record or click the View link.

  4. Copy the 18-digit Salesforce ID in your web browser URL, for example:

  5. In Salesforce, click Setup.

  6. Click Develop and Visualforce Pages.

  7. Click the Edit link next to the Visualforce page associated with the related list (view).

  8. Click the Visualforce Markup tab.

  9. In the ViewID field, paste the view ID field that you copied earlier.

  10. Click Save.

Opening this Visualforce page will now load the specified view as the default view.

This overrides the default settings of a view. So if you hard-code a view that is not set as the default view, the Visualforce page treats the hard-coded view as the default view.