About Live Grid


This is currently a Beta feature released as part of a pilot program available to whose who meet the requirements in the Supported Features and Limitations section below. 

The Live Grid feature allows you to see which other users are on the same View as you, and see updates from those users in real time. When Live Grid is enabled, you'll see the profile pictures or initials of all users on the View in the upper right corner of the Search bar. When a user edits a field, their profile picture or initials display in the selected fields as shown in the screenshot below:


  • When you add a new record, the field displays at the bottom of the list and is highlighted blue.
  • When you delete a record, it is removed from the View without any further indicators. If you restore a deleted record from Trash, it is added back like a new record and is highlighted in blue.

Supported Features and Limitations

  • User profiles without Streaming Channels and Push Topic permission enabled will not be able to use Live Grid.
  • In the current version, you can enable maximum of 10 Live Grid Views. See the Deleting Live Grid Views section for more information. 
  •  Standard Objects and custom objects are supported.
  • Long Text and Rich Text fields are currently not supported.
  • When you click on a user's profile icon, it takes you to their profile. When there are more than 3 users on a view, a dropdown list of users becomes available. 
  • Maximum number of concurrent subscribers:
    • Performance and Unlimited Editions: 2,000
    • Enterprise Edition: 1,000
    • Others: 20

Enabling Live Grid 

To enable Live Grid, take the following steps:

  1. In the Conga Grid Application, click Conga Grid Explorer.
  2. In the Quick Find Search bar on the top left, search for an open a View. For example, Opportunity. 
  3. In the lower right hand corner, click the Live Grid satellite icon


    • If the Live Grid satellite Icon is blue, it is enabled. If it is gray, it is disabled. 
    • Live Grid is not available for unsaved views
  4. The Live Grid Settings popup window appears. 
  5. From the Available fields list, click on the fields you want available for use with Live Grid and use the arrows to move them into the Selected list, and click Create to subscribe to them. 
  6. Click on the Live Grid icon and select Turn Live Grid On.
  7. Click Save on your View. 


Click on the Live Grid satellite icon again to Turn Off Live Grid, Mute Notification, or Open Live Grid Settings to subscribe to additional fields. Every time you make a change in this window, you must Save the changes on your View.

Muting Notifications

Notification sounds alert you when a View is updated. If you want to disable notification sounds, take the following steps:

  1. From your View in the Conga Grid application, click on the Live Grid satellite icon in the lower right hand corner.
  2. Click Mute Notification.
  3. Click Save on your View.

Deleting Live Grid Views

Live Grid supports a maximum of 10 Views. If you want to delete an existing View, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Conga Grid Setup and select Global Setup.
  2. Under the Live Grid Enabled Views section, check the Live Grid View Name you want to delete and click the Delete button.