Max is a conversational, intelligent virtual assistant for the middle office. It is available embedded within the Salesforce web, Salesforce1 mobile app, and on mobile devices through other communication channels such as Microsoft Team.

You can get started with Max by greeting Max with a Hello. If you are using Max in the embedded format, Max proactively greets you without needing a prompt. 

The following table describes Max's greeting and login procedure:

Workflow StepDescriptionConversational InputResponse from Max
GreetYou greet Max

Hey Max


If Max is not directly embedded in Salesforce, Max asks you to log in.

Hi! I’m happy to help you!
Please log on to Salesforce. 

LoginYou click the link and sign in

Your login to Salesforce was successful.

Should I save this information for future auto-login? 

You choose the auto-login preference

Max asks if you want to save your credentials for auto-login.

Getting Started Video CardsMax provides a rotating set of short instructional videos.


Show me the videos


Max plays a video card.

Getting Started Video Cards

For providing a seamless experience for first-time users, Max displays enhanced tip cards with short tutorial videos. The tutorial videos display how Max performs the requested tasks. The instructional videos are played inside the card itself, enabling you to watch them without having to leave Max.  The video cards are played for the first few times whenever a new user logs in Max. 
Video cards are currently available for the following tasks: 

  • Navigating Max: This includes instructions for getting around Max and includes the following tasks: go back, home, bye, cancel, explain yourself, help. 
  • Finding a quote and working on it
  • Editing a quote
  • Working with complex queries and follow-ups.
  • Jumpstarting a new quote creation

You can also play the video cards by saying, Help or What can you do? after the initial greetings.  

Quick Action Buttons

For experienced users, Max provides quick action buttons to initiate the conversation flow. Action buttons are displayed when you greet Max after you log into your account. Max provides the following action buttons: 

  • ​​​​​​​Create NDA
  • Create MSA
  • Clone Quote
  • Create Quote
  • Update Opportunity