Max is also available as an App within Slack.  

Installing Max from Slack Directory

To install Max,

  1. Go to Alternatively, you can also search for Apttus Max in the Slack App Directory. 
  2. Click Add to Slack and follow the installation instructions. 
  3. Enter the tenant name and click Next.

Installation of Max must be performed by Slack and Conga administrators. Use of Conga Max requires a commercial license and a valid tenant name to proceed with installation. 

Max is now added to your available list of apps within Slack.

Enabling Max Interactions with Slack

After you log-in to Slack, you can find Max channel from the left–hand list of workspaces. If Max channel is not available for you, get in touch with your Conga point of contact.

Using Conga Max with Slack 

You can get started with Max by greeting Max with a Hello. Max will ask you to log in to Salesforce. Once you are logged in, you can trigger all the workflows.

Max on Slack supports the following conversations: 

Action buttons in Slack are available by clicking the more menu(...) icon, available next to each display card.