Using conversational input, you can update an opportunity by making changes to the opportunity fields. With Max, you can also update multiple fields in multiple opportunities simultaneously. 

Workflow StepPossible Conversational InputsMax's Response
Identify the opportunity
  • Update this opportunity
  • Push out the close date on my opportunities

  • Change the stage of my "ABC" opportunity to Validated

Max requests your confirmation. Click the This One button to confirm. 

Max lists the fields you can update as follows:

  1. Close Date
  2. Stage
  3. Opportunity Name
  4. Owner
  5. Description
  6. Amount

To update opportunity team members, set up opportunity teams and enable team selling in your Salesforce Org. See Opportunity Teams for details. 

Using Max, you can add or remove a team member from an opportunity team.

You can also update fields that are not listed by Max.

Identify fields
  • 2
  • Close Date
  • Owner

Max shows the current field value and asks for the new value. For example, if you ask Max to change the close date, Max will reply with:

The current value in the Close Date field is Sat Jun 01 2019.

What would you like the new Close Date to be?

If you ask Max to update multiple opportunities, Max only asks for the new field value.

Identify field and get value
  • Next Friday
  • Jan 1 2020
Max displays the updated opportunity and asks for confirmation to save it. You can change the field value again before saving it.
Change Details Click Change DetailsIf Max has incorrectly captured the new value or you want to change the value you entered, you can update the value before saving the opportunity. Return to the first step and change the value you entered .

Click Save

Max displays the updated opportunity card with links for easy navigation.

You cannot use Max to update opportunity fields with multi-select picklist or dependent picklist data types.