This page describes the headless Max API service that enables rapid, experience-first commerce development and applications.

The Max API follows a microservice architecture that enables commerce into any part of an application. It is built on a JSON API specification, follows predictable REST URLs, and supports cross-origin resource sharing.


Authenticating for the iChronos APIs requires an API key.

Authenticating for search APIs requires an API key and a bearer token (Salesforce access token).


Max APIs can be exposed to external applications using a Salesforce site or community.

Max APIs use as their base URL.


The Max API ensures backward compatibility by properly versioning any changes to the APIs. Any necessary changes to the API structure will occur within a new version. Older functionality will be preserved.

Content Type

Requests made to the API must be encoded as JSON and contain the header:

Content-Type: application/json


Any request that returns an error follows a standard format. The Max APIs return an array of errors that contains objects containing the status, title, and data with the error details.

Invalid JSON
Rate Limit Exceeded
Validation Error
500Something went wrong on our end