With Notification Control Center, you can configure and manage all your notifications. You can create notification flows to remind you of upcoming events or to notify you of status change in a particular record. 

Notifications are available across the following communication channels:

  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Webchat
  • Directline

Notifications are triggered simultaneously on all active channels. Users can act on the notification, dismiss it or snooze it. 

Max supports the following types of notifications: 

  • Reminders
    Reminder notifications are triggered on a scheduled basis and apply to actions that are pending, where you made to remind the relevant stakeholder to take the next action. For example, reaching out to an assigned approver or a contract reviewer about pending items that you have submitted to them.
  • Upcoming Events 
    Upcoming event notifications are triggered on a scheduled basis and suggest actions that the relevant stakeholder can take preemptively to stay on top of their customer interactions. For example, create a new agreement when the existing agreement is terminating soon, or cloning a quote which is set to expire in the upcoming days. 
  • Event Notifications
    Event notifications are triggered when there is a change in the object status. Note that event notifications are provided only for Agreement object. Event notifications notify the stakeholders when changes are made to the agreement status. Event notifications are provided out-of-the-box for agreement updates and you need to activate them. After you have activated event notifications, the user will receive a pop-up notification whenever an agreement is completed or canceled. 

To access the Notification Control Center, Click More Menu → Max Notification Control Center in your Salesforce Org. 

Creating and Activating a Notification Flow

To trigger a notification on a Salesforce object, Max admins need to create a notification flow and activate it. 

To Create Notification Flow

Navigate to Max Notification Control Center:

  1. Enter your tenant name. You can create notification triggers for existing tenants only. 
  2. Select the object name to create a notification trigger. 

    Currently, Quotes and Agreements are the only objects supported for notifications.

  3. Click New. 
  4. Enter values for the following fields: 

    NameEnter the name of the notification trigger.
    Field NameSelect the API name of the field to create the notification trigger.
    Notification Type

    Select one of the following:

    • Reminder
    • Upcoming Event

    If you set Notification Types as an Upcoming Event, you need to select the follow-up action to perform after the notification triggers. 

    Follow-up actions can be create NDA, create Quote, or send for eSignature. 

    Event Notifications


    Enter the query for the notification trigger in natural language. For example: 

    • Show me all quotes expiring in next 15 days
    • Remind to send my agreements for signature

    Select the frequency of the notification flow. You can set it as Once, Daily, or Weekly.

    DateSelect the date from which you want to start the notification flow.
    TimeSelect the time on which you want to receive the notification. 
  5. Click Save.

Your notification flow is created and it is now available on the Notification Control Center.

To Activate the Notification Flow

  1. Click Activate to enable the notification flow.
  2. Enable the notification flow for your desired communication channels. 

The notification flow is now activated and users will receive the notification when they login to Max.