You can clone an existing Quote/Proposal using conversational workflows with Max. Cloning a quote copies all the information from the existing quote, including field data, line items, and proposal header information. If an approval trigger is set on the existing quote, the approval status and trigger are not copied to the cloned quote. You must re-trigger approval on the cloned quote.

The new cloned quote will retain all the information of the parent quote, including:

  • Proposal header details
  • Configuration line items (if parent quote is not finalized)
  • Proposal line items (if parent quote is finalized)

The following information is not retained from the parent quote:

  • Activity history
  • Notes and Attachments

You can initiate the clone quote workflow as part of the lookup quote workflow You can clone a quote using the following conversational workflow:

Workflow StepPossible Conversational InputsMax Reply
Clone Quotes
  • Clone quote

Sure I can do that. Which one do you want me to use?

Max also displays the latest quotes in card view asking you to select the quote to clone

  • Clone the first one
  • the first one

Max displays the preview quote card and asks you to provide confirmation. 

Change DetailsClick Change Details

Max displays the list of quote header fields that you can edit. 

Max: Okay, Which field would you like to edit? 

  • Expected End Date
  • Valid Until Date
  • Proposal Date
  • Expected Start Date
  • Presented Date

You: Expected End Date

Max: What date you

You: March 31

Max: Great, Here are the details I going to use to create your new quote. 

Max displays the preview quote card.

You Confirm
  • Click Go Ahead
  • Looks Good
After the successful creation of the new quote, Max displays the quote card and provides a link for you to navigate to it. 

A new quote is generated with a unique quote number with Status as Draft and Configurations Status as Saved. The following values are set as default on the cloned quote:

  • Start Date - Today's Date is set as the Start Date of Quote
  • End Date - End Date is calculated as a year from yesterday
  • Presented Date - Today's Date is set as the Presented Date of the Quote
  • Valid Until Date - Last Date of the current quarter is set as the Valid Until Date

You can only clone one quote at a time.