You can generate quote documents and download them by using conversational workflow in Max. You can initiate the workflow by asking Max to Generate a Quote, during Lookup Quote conversations.

You can generate a quote document only for quotes with finalized carts. 

The following table describes the possible conversational flow between you and Max for generating a quote. 

Workflow StepPossible Conversational InputsMax Reply
Quote Generation
  • Generate quote
  • generate the quote for the first one
  • generate #2

You can only generate one quote at a time.

Sure I can do that. Which one do you want me to use?

Max also displays the latest quotes in card view asking you to select the quote for generating the quote document.

If you select a quote that does not have a finalized cart, Max displays a message saying that the selected quote is not ready to be generated. Max also returns you to the lookup step of the conversation.

You confirm

  • generate a quote for the first one
  • generate #1
  • the first one
  • #2

Max displays the preview card containing the following action buttons:

  • Generate it
  • Change Details
You want to change detailsYou clicked Change Details.

Which detail would you like to change?

  1. Document format
  2. Proposal template
  3. Watermark

Document Format

Which document format should I use to generate this proposal?

  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • PDF
  • RTF

After you select the document format, Max redisplays the preview card.

Proposal Template

Which proposal template should I use?

  1. Template A
  2. Template B
  3. Template C
  4. Template D

After you select the proposal template, Max redisplays the preview card.


Would you like to include a draft watermark on the proposal document?

  • Yes
  • No

After you provide your selection, Max redisplays the preview card. 

Quote Generation
  • You clicked Generate it
  • Go ahead

Alright, I have successfully generated your proposal! Here is the link to the new proposal document.

Max provides a download link for your generated quote.