With Max, you can create agreements using conversational workflows. Max greets the user and asks the user to log on to their Salesforce account. 

Creating an agreement with Max involves:

  • Selecting the type of agreement to create
  • Choosing an account to associate with the agreement
  • Confirming the document format and template for the agreement documents
  • Having Max generate the agreement documents

When you ask Max to create an agreement, Max executes the following steps.

  1. Agreement Type: Max shows the agreement types to you and asks you to pick the type of agreement to be created. If you have specified the agreement type already, this step is skipped.
  2. Account: Max shows the accounts that have recent activity and are missing agreements. If the user has specified an account, Max checks if the specified account has an agreement. 
    1. If the account specified by the user is missing an agreement, the account selection is skipped. 
    2. If the account specified by the user already has agreements, Max will provide links to existing agreements and ask you to confirm whether you want to use the existing agreement or create a new agreement.
  3. Document Format: After you select an account, Max will pick the document format that was most recently used by you.
  4. Default Fields; Max will also set all agreement parameters to appropriate defaults as:
    1. Start date = The day agreement is created
    2. End date = None for NDA and 1 year from today for SOW and MSA type of agreements
    3. Perpetual = Yes for NDAs and False for SOW or MSA type of agreements 
    4. Term = None
    5. Annual Contract Value = None
  5. Template: Max selects the template for Agreement as: 
    1. Max first filter outs all the available templates sorted by frequent of most recent updates
    2. Max applies user or agreement or account level query filters and qualifiers to further filter the templates. 
  6. Confirmation: Max asks the user to confirm that the choices made for creating an agreement are good. The user can confirm and proceed or change parameters.
  7. Agreement Generation: Once the user confirms, Max submits the agreement request. The configured agreement rules in the Contract Management application are triggered and depending on the agreement details, Max performs one of the following: 
    1. Automatically approve and generate the document, and return that to the user.
    2. Submit the agreement request to the appropriate queue, and inform the user that the agreement request is submitted for review. 
  8. Followup: Max provides follow-up actions that you can perform on the agreement. 

For a detailed example of a conversational workflow of creating agreements, refer to Creating Non-Disclosure Agreements.