Online Contract Collaboration (OCC) allows you to share and collaborate on agreement documents with your team and customers.  You can review, redline, and publish the documents online without the need for any dedicated software. 

OCC can be installed without any prerequisite package on the Salesforce platform. To use OCC, you must integrate with a contract management solution. You can integrate OCC either with CLM (previously known as Apttus Contract Management) or CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) (previously known as Conga Contracts for Salesforce). You can then perform all the online collaboration tasks within CLM or CLM (Contracts for Salesforce).  

You can use X-Author for Contracts (Microsoft Word add-in that allows you to work on contracts and contract templates) along with CLM to create agreement documents and use OCC to review and redline them. You can download a document from OCC and check out the document using X-Author for Contracts and you can also review a document in OCC that was checked in using X-Author for Contracts. 

The following table lists the tasks that administrators and users can perform using OCC.

OCC AdministratorOCC Administrator/User
  • Install Conga OCC for Conga CLM
  • Configure post-Installation Settings
  • Set up Conga CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) for use with Online Contract Collaboration
  • Configure OCC Settings
  • Configure Documents Tab in Lightning
  • Configure Document Action Column in Classic
  • Configure Details Sidebar Fields
  • Configure OCC Access Modes and Sharing Settings
  • Configure the Alternate Clauses Tab in Lightning
  • Manage Alternate Clauses in Lightning
  • Configure Permissions
  • Configure Publish Options
  • Enable Cancel Clause Approval Request
  • Configure Clause Approval
  • Enable Ad Hoc Approval Setting
  • Redline agreement document
  • Differentiate edits by each negotiator/collaborator
  • Add, reply, and resolve comments
  • Access Smart Data and view smart and read-only data
  • Identify modified and new smart data
  • Access Clause Library and insert clauses
  • Replace the main clause with an alternate clause
  • Sync the changes in a document to the corresponding agreement record by publishing the document
  • Delete a Smart Clause
  • Work with Clause Approvals
  • Cancel Clause Approval Request
  • Add Ad Hoc Approvers

The following diagram depicts the architecture of OCC.