Use Conga Orchestrate to dynamically select and add Clauses for Contracts for Salesforce solution. The Clause step in a Process Definition allows users to add a Clause and each related Sub Clause record as Managed Clauses to a Salesforce object record.

Step Creation Conditions provide the functionality to conditionally determine when a Clause should be added and subsequently adds the related Sub Clauses as Managed Clauses to a process object record.
Note: Conga Orchestrate 14.62 or greater must be installed to use the Clause Step Type. Conga Contracts for Salesforce version 2.30 or greater must be installed.

Follow the steps below to add a Managed Clause step to a Process Definition.

  1. Navigate to an existing Definition or create a new Definition.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the New Step button and select Clause.
  3. Name the step by filling out the Step field.
  4. Begin typing the name of the desired Clause in the Clause field and select a Clause.
  5. Use the Sort Order field to define the order in which the clauses should appear in your generated document.

    To set the sort order of a step type with managed clause, use the create record step type and then using the page layout from the managed clause enter the sort order value. The sort order interacts with clause bundle so that managed clauses can be placed before or after the clause bundles.

  6. If the selected Clause has more than one related Clause Configuration record, select the desired Clause Configuration record in the Clause Configuration field.
  7. (Optional) Click + Add Creation Condition to add Creation Conditions to the Clause Bundle step.
    • Creation Conditions conditionally determine if a step is created and executed. It is recommended to use Step Creation Conditions if a Definition has multiple Clause steps.
    • For more information on adding Step Creation Conditions, see Step Creation Conditions.


If a Definition contains several Clause and Clause Bundle steps, and those bundles contain some of the same clauses (overlapping clauses), the overlapping clauses are only added once regardless of how many bundles contain those clauses. Additionally, if your Step has Creation Conditions with both the Reevaluate option and Deletable option checked, Orchestrate may not remove all Clauses if another Clause Bundle contains those overlapping Clauses and continues to match its own Step Conditions.