Steps to configure the SendGrid integration

Use SendGrid for your transactional email templates inside of Send Email steps.

This integration works only with SendGrid Legacy Transactional email templates at this time.

Follow the steps below to configure SendGrid integration.

  1. Create a SendGrid account.
  2. Add a Remote Site.
  3. Obtain an API Key. You can read more about API Keys in SendGrid's online documentation here. Log into your SendGrid account and on the left side menu, select Settings. Select API Keys from the sub-menu. Select the Create API Key button. Name the Key and choose Full Access. Select Create & View. Copy the API Key.
  4. Navigate to the Conga Orchestrate Setup tab.
  5. Click Email Alerts under the Integration Partners section on the left-hand side.
  6. Paste the copied API Key in the SendGrid API Token field. 
  7. Click Save.

Your transactional email templates will be displayed on the Send Email step along with Salesforce email templates.