Use Twilio for SMS notifications for steps, similar to generating email notifications when a step is created. We’re developing additional SMS functionality with future releases.

To configure the integration:

  1. Create a Twilio account.
  2. Add a Remote Site. URL:
  3. Obtain an AccountSid, ApplicationSid, and Auth Token from your Twilio Console. You can read more about these in Twilio's online documentation here.
  4. Navigate to Conga Orchestrate Setup.
  5. In the Integration Partners: SMS Notifications section:
    1. Toggle the Enabled button to Active.
    2. Paste the Twilio AccountSid, ApplicationSid, and AuthToken into their respective fields. 
    3. Click the Others tab. 
    4. Fill in the Twilio From Number, Text Notification Message, Text Link URL and Text Reassignment Message.

  6. Save the settings.