As part of a process, a Generate Document step automatically generates a document using a mix template or a Conga Composer template, solution, or button and saves the resulting document to the process object in Salesforce. A Generate Document step can also reference a Conga Sign-integrated Composer solution or button to generate and send a document for e-signature.


  • A valid license to Conga Composer or Collaborate is required to create a Generate Document step. A Conga Sign license is also required to create and send a document for e-signature.
  • A single Composer document can be generated within a single Orchestrate definition at a time. To send documents in bulk, you must purchase Conga Trigger or Conga Batch events.

  • If a document takes more than two minutes to generate in Composer, you cannot use a Generate Document step and must use the Composer UI or Batch/Trigger to generate your document.

To create a Generate Document step

  1. Navigate to the definition where you will place this step.
  2. In the Steps section of the screen, click the New Step button.
  3. Complete the fields below:
    • Step Name: Enter a name for the step.
    • Step Type: Select Generate Document.
    • Parent Step: Use Lookup to define the parent step, which must be completed before the Generate Document step can start. 
      • Leave the field blank if the Generate Document step must be initiated as soon as the process starts.
    • Parent Stage: If a parent step is part of a parent stage, all steps in the stage must complete before the Generate Document step is created.
    • Stage: Use Lookup to select the stage to associate with the Generate Document step, if applicable.
    • Application: Select Composer or Collaborate to identify the source application for the document template:
      Composer: Select Template, Solution, or Custom Button and then make a selection from the available options. See details on this option below.
      Collaborate: In the field, Create New Document is automatically selected as the action.
      • Define the options for the generated document:
        Output to PDF (only applicable to Composer): Select this option to generate the document as a PDF file.
  4. Click Save.

Using Conga Composer to Generate Documents

When you choose Conga Composer as the selected application, the options available must be from the same object type as the definition to which you want to add a Generate Document step. Document generation occurs in background mode.

The Source picklist allows you to choose one of the following options:

  • Template: Uses the process object’s ID as the master object record.
  • Solution: Uses the Custom Button URL field on the selected solution record.
  • Custom Button: Uses the configured button URL. Only button URLs that begin with "/apex/APXTConga4__Conga_Composer" will display as options.

For Solution and Custom Button options:

  • You must predefine a template in the Composer solution or button with the TemplateID parameter.
  • Allowed merge fields are process object and user merge fields in parameters.
  • When creating a Composer solution or button URL to use for a Generate Document step, the button URL can only contain merge fields that start with "{!User.", "{!ProcessObject." (object definition is triggered by), "{!Today()}", and "{!Now()}". Other merge fields or formulas in the button URL are not supported.
  • Template fields are also supported.
  • Embedded URL formulas are not supported.
  • A workaround is to build a formula field on the process object and include it in the URL.

When using a lookup field as the value of the OFN parameter, only the record ID displays as the file name. A workaround is to use a QVar to pull in the record name.

Using Conga Composer and Conga Sign to Generate and Send Document for E-Signature

A Generate Document step that references a Conga Sign-integrated Composer solution or button generates and sends a document for e-signature with Conga Sign. Follow the same steps in the Using Conga Composer to Generate Documents section above to use a Conga-Sign integrated Composer solution or button.

The Composer solution or button must also contain required Conga Sign integration parameters to create and send a Conga Sign transaction with Conga Orchestrate. A Conga Sign-integrated Composer solution or button referenced in a Create Document step functions in full background mode. Add the required parameters below to your Composer solution or button.

  • TemplateID
  • APIMode=3. If you are using V2 Composer Endpoint, set DS7=1142
  • CSRecipient
  • CSVisible = 1