Conga Orchestrate requires the following fields and rules.


You can customize the Field Labels, but the Field Names must match the object in this table (the "__c" is added automatically by Salesforce). Also, the specified object must have the ability to relate activities to the object.

For any other custom fields that you create on this object, do not include text that may match the API name on your Lookup fields. In addition, do not include text in your fields that match any of the other fields that you are creating below. For example, if you have a Case Lookup field, do not create a custom field on this object called My_Case_Status__c. This would match the Lookup field to Case and the Status field defined below. You must abbreviate the field name (label can be any text you desire). Abbreviate your custom field, such as My_Cse_Sts__c.

Object: Field NameData TypeRelated ToRules
Status__cPicklistN/ARequires Completed and Canceled Values. Requires at least one additional value indicating an “Open” status and can include additional Status values.
Process_Instance__c    Lookup RelationshipProcess InstanceN/A
Parent Object Lookup Field(s)You also need to create Lookup fields to all of the Parent Objects that you want to use this object as a step with. For example, if you want to use this object as a step in a process running on the Business Process object; then a Lookup field needs to be created between this object and the Business Process object. The field name must match the object API name, such as Business_Process__c, Case__c, Campaign__c, or Opportunity__c. The field label can be whatever you desire. To use the custom step object as a step in PCE - Definitions, a Lookup field to the object the PCE - Definition is defined against must exist on this object.
Loop Object Lookup FieldYou also need to create a Lookup field on the Loop object (FSTR_Loop_c) that looks up to any custom object used as a Process Object and Process step. For example, if you are setting up a custom Legal Agreement object as a Process Object and Step, you must create a Lookup field on the Loop object that looks up to the Legal Agreement object.