Conga Orchestrate requires the following fields and rules.

You can customize the Field Labels, but the Field Names must match the object in this table (the "__c" is added automatically by Salesforce).

Object: Field NameData TypeRelated ToRules
Status__cPicklistN/ARequires Completed and Canceled Values. Requires at least one additional value indicating an "Open" status and can include additional Status values.
Process_Instance__cLookup RelationshipProcess InstanceN/A
Parent Object Lookup Field(s)You also need to create Lookup fields to all of the Parent Objects that you want to use this object as a step with. For example, if you want to use this object as a step in a process running on the Business Process object; then a Lookup field needs to be created between this object and the Business Process object. The field name must match the object API name, such as Business_Process__c, Case__c, Campaign__c, or Opportunity__c. The field label can be whatever you desire. To use the custom step object as a step in PCE - Definitions, a Lookup field to the object the PCE - Definition is defined against must exist on this object.