A Process Object is an object used to run processes. Standard objects such as Campaigns, Cases, Contracts, Leads, and Opportunities can be used as Process Objects. Conga Orchestrate ships with a custom Process Object called Business Process. You can also configure your own custom object as a Process Object.

If Require Validation for Converted Leads is not checked in the Lead settings, a process won't fire when an opportunity is created, even if there is an initiator looking at the opportunity. If that setting is not visible, a case will need to be opened with SF Support.

Download this Conga Orchestrate Object Diagram to get a better understanding of the objects and relationships used in the Conga Orchestrate app.

Use this decision tree to determine when a new Page Layout and Record Type are necessary, and when adding criteria to your process definition will be sufficient to translate your process with Conga Orchestrate.

Illustrates how to decide between creating a process using a unique page layout and record type, versus using a 'global' record type with multiple processes that execute based on set criteria.