As part of a process, an event placeholder waits for an event with a matching sub-type to be created before child step(s) can begin. This step holds the place for the event to occur in a process. Any child step from an event placeholder step can reference the event date in its due date and due date adjustment.

For example, the screenshot below shows two steps that use event placeholder functionality. The Prepare for Onboarding Meeting task is due five days before the meeting and the Send Meeting Followup task is due the day after the meeting. These two tasks are initiated when an event related to the process object record is created with the Onboarding Meeting subtype.

You can also have an entire process initiate when events are created. See Event Initiators for more information.


You must check the Enable Event Placeholder Step checkbox field in the Setup Information section of Conga Orchestrate Setup. This setting creates the sub_type__c field.

To create an Event Placeholder step

  1. Navigate to the definition where you will place this step.
  2. In the Steps section of the screen, click the New Event Placeholder button.
  3. Complete the fields:
    • Step Name: Enter the name for this step.
    • Step Type: Select Event Placeholder.
    • Event SubType(s): Select the event sub-type to associate with this step. See Creating Event Sub-Types to configure the sub-types needed for your event placeholders.
  4. Click Save.