Create new Process Definitions from LucidChart diagrams. For more information and details on the integration, see Lucidchart Integration with Conga Orchestrate.

This is currently a beta feature. You must have Conga Orchestrate version 14 or greater to use this feature.

To create a new Process Definition from a Lucidchart diagram:

  1. In Lucidchart, click File → Export → CSV of Shape Data. This exports a CSV file to your machine.
  2. From any Definition list view (other than Recently Viewed, which does not display custom buttons) click Create From Lucidchart.
  3. Choose File and select the exported file from Lucidchart
  4. Type in a name for your new Definition.
  5. Choose the Process Object on which processes using this Definition will run.
  6. Choose the Step Object and Record Type.
    Note: All created steps will use this object and record type combination.
  7. Click Create New Definition. If the import and creation is successful, Orchestrate redirects to the newly created Definition. Any errors will display on the page.
  8. Edit the Definition and any Steps. Change step types, assignees, due dates, task comments, and add conditions and validations as desired.