An In-Flight Order refers to an order that has been confirmed but has not yet reached fulfillment. By default, Conga Order Management does not have this functionality enabled. You can also configure Workflow Rulesets to automate the execution of workflows for In-Flight Orders Changes and Cancellation.

To enable In-Flight Order Changes and Cancellation, you must configure and make additions or changes to system properties, custom and object settings, and page layouts.

To configure In-Flight Order Change and Cancellation settings

Perform the tasks in the following table in the order described:


1.  Enable In-Flight Changes and Cancellation

  1. Go to Setup > Custom Settings > Order System Properties.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Click the Edit link to the left of System Properties.
  4. Click the checkbox next to Enable Inflight Changes and Cancellation
  5. Click the checkbox next to Create Asset on Order Activation?
  6. Click Save.

2. Change the flow for the Amend Order action (optional if you want a different flow)

  1. Go to Setup > Create > Objects > Order (Managed) > Configure Products (NG).
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Under Formula Options, copy the formula.
  4. Go back to Order object. From Custom Fields & Relationships click New.
  5. Click the Formula radio button, then click Next
  6. Enter a Field Label. Press tab to automatically populate the Field Name based on the label you entered. Select the Text radio button, then click Next.
  7. Configure the Formula that defines this field. For example:

    IF ( LEN( Apttus_Config2__PriceListId__c ) > 0 , HYPERLINK("/apex/Apttus_Config2__OrderAmend?id=" &Id & "&flow=NGDefault", IMAGE("/resource/Apttus_Config2__Button_Configure", "Configure Products"),"_self"), NULL)
  8. Click Check Syntax to test the formula for errors.
  9. Click Next. The Establish field-level security page is displayed.
  10. Make changes to field-level security as needed. Click Next.
  11. Select the page layout that should include this field and click Save.

For more information about Flow Settings, refer to the latest CPQ Administrator Guide.

3. Display the Cancel Order Lines action on the cart

Specify the Order Line Item and Order Line Status in the Config System Properties or include them in the Display Column settings for a flow.

Go to Config Settings > System Properties > View Cart Custom Fields and set the API names as follows:

  • Apttus_Config2__OrderLineItemId__c
  • Apttus_Config2__OrderLineStatus__c
  • Apttus_Config2__Quantity__c

Go to Config Settings > Display Column Settings > Select the Display Type and Flow > Add Order Line Item and Order Line Status and Save the custom settings.

4. Add the Deleted value to the Pricing Status field in the Line Items (Cart Line Item) object
  1. Go to Setup > Create > Objects > Line Item (Managed).
  2. Edit the Pricing Status field.
  3. Under Values, click New
  4. Add Deleted as a picklist value and click Save

5. Add the Amend Order, Undo Amend Order, Cancel Order, and Undo Cancel Order actions to the Order Detail page

Go to Order Detail page > Edit Layout > Order Layout > Buttons > Search the required button > Drag and drop the button to the relevant section in order to make the following buttons available on the Orders UI and click Save.

  • Amend Order
  • Undo Amend Order
  • Cancel Order
  • Undo Cancel Order

6. Expose version details information on order and order line items

  1. Go to the Order Detail page > Edit Layout > Order Layout > Fields.
  2. Drag and drop the Next Version field onto the appropriate section.
  3. Repeat step 2 for Previous Version, and Version Number.
  4. Click Save.

7. Display the Change Status field on the Order Line items related list

  1. Go to the Order Line Item Detail page > Edit Layout > Order Line Item Layout > Fields.
  2. Drag and drop the Change Status field onto the appropriate section.
  3. Click Save.
8. Add the In Amendment value to the Status field in the Product Configuration object
  1. Go to Setup > Create > Objects > Product Configuration (Managed).
  2. Edit the Status field.
  3. Under Values, click New
  4. Add In Amendment as a picklist value and click Save.

Configuring Automation for In-Flight Order Changes and Cancellation

In-Flight Order Changes and Cancellation can be automated through the use of Order Workflow Rulesets and Rules that define when to automatically amend or cancel orders based on specified criteria. No additional configuration is required to make Workflow Rulesets available to users of Order Management.

Refer to the Order Management for Users for step-by-step instructions and examples of workflow automation rules. For detailed information on invoking the execOrderWorkflow API, refer to the Order Management for SOAP API Developers.