A Direct Order is placed by an Order Management user either by creating a new order from the "Orders" tab or from the Order related list on an Account. To create an order in this way, you must configure the Order page with the appropriate status, buttons, and formulas to allow user to configure products and use contract pricing.

Add the Accept and Configure Products (NG) buttons to the Order page layout if they have not already been added. When you create a new order, depending on the Price List you select, the Configure Product (NG) button is displayed for the products associated with that Price List.

Configuring the Accept and Configure Products Buttons

You can change the label and formula used for either of these buttons depending on your individual use case.

To control the visibility of Accept and Configure Products formula fields on the Orders page

  1. From the Order page, go to Quick Access > View Fields.
  2. Click New.
  3. Click the Formula radio button and click Next.
  4. Enter a mandatory Field Label (for example, "Accept (Pending)") and press Tab on your keyboard to auto-populate the Field Name.
  5. Click the Text radio button and click Next. The Enter Formula page is displayed.
  6. Enter code to be used in the formula. In this example, the Accept button is made visible when the order and its line items is in Draft, Pending, In Amendment, and Pending Cancellation status.

    IF (OR(ISPICKVAL(Conga_Config2__Status__c, "Draft"), ISPICKVAL(Apttus_Config2__Status__c, "Pending"), ISPICKVAL(Conga_Config2__Status__c, "In Amendment"), ISPICKVAL(Apttus_Config2__Status__c, "Pending Cancellation")), HYPERLINK("/apex/Conga_Config2__OrderAccept?id="&Id, IMAGE("/resource/Apttus_Config2__Button_Accept", "Accept"),"_self"), NULL)
  7. Click Check Syntax to test the formula for errors.
  8. Click Next. The Establish field-level security page is displayed.
  9. Make changes to field-level security as needed. Click Next.
  10. Select the page layout that should include this field and click Save.

Changing the Flow on the Configure Products Button

To control the flow and other properties for configuring products from a direct order, you can create a new formula field as described in the previous task. In the formula, change the value after "&flow=" to the flow you want the formula field to use when a user clicks the button from an order.

IF ( LEN( Conga_Config2__PriceListId__c ) > 0 , HYPERLINK("/apex/Apttus_Config2__OrderConfiguration?id=" &Id & "&flow=NGDefault", IMAGE("/resource/Conga_Config2__Button_Configure", "Configure Products"),"_self"), NULL)

For information on flows, cart views, and flow settings, refer to the CPQ Administrator Guide.

Using a Contract Price List for an Order

To identify a specific Contract Price List to use when configuring products for direct order, you can create a new formula field as described in the steps above. In the formula field, specify the contract numbers and any field that points to the agreement. 

IF ( LEN( Apttus_QPConfig__PriceListId__c ) > 0 , HYPERLINK("/apex/Conga_QPConfig__ProposalConfiguration?id=" &Id& "&cntrNbr_1="& Apttus_Proposal__Account__r.Pricing_Agreement_Number__c,IMAGE ("/resource/Conga_QPConfig__Button_Configure", "Configure Products"),"_self"), NULL)

In the example above, the cntrNbr_1 parameter and the field which represents an agreement number on an account are passed to the URL.

For information on contract pricing, refer to the topics "Contract Pricing" and "Defining a Contract to be used in a Quote" in the CPQ for Administrators.