Conga billing and invoicing can be initiated for the orders either before or after activation of the order. When billing is initiated depends on Order Management settings. 

To create billing schedules on activation of an order

  1. Go to Setup > Custom Settings > Order System Properties
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click the check box next to Initiate Billing On Order Activation? and click Save.

To create billing schedules manually

Prerequisite: The custom setting Initiate Billing On Order Activation? must be disabled.

  1. Go to the order record and set the Ready for Billing Date field.
  2. Click Save.

If the Ready for Billing Date is set to a date before the order is activated, the billing schedules are created when the order becomes active.

Use Case: Billing for Standalone Recurring product

Tier1 system sells ‘SecureDevice’ ($100/unit) which is billed monthly for a contract period of one year. The contract is in effect from 04/20/2016. The customer wants an invoice on 15th of every month.


  1. Add a product ‘SecureDevice’ with List Price as $100 and Price Type as Recurring.
  2. Under the Tax and Billing tab on PLI, set the Billing Rule as Bill in Advance and Billing Frequency as Monthly.
  3. Create a new Billing Preference and set Billing Cycle Start to Billing Day of the month.
  4. Set Billing Day of the month to 15th of the month.
  5. Create a Quote/Proposal. Set Start Date as 04/20/2016 and End Date as 04/19/2017.
  6. Add the product to your cart and Finalize.
  7. Present the proposal and Accept it after the reviews.
  8. Order and Asset are created when the proposal is accepted. Activate the order.

 Resulting Billing Schedules

Period Start DatePeriod End DateReady for Invoice DateAmount