In Order Management, a Customer Purchase Order is a customer document (usually PDF or email) that represents the initial offer of negotiated types, quantities, and prices for products or services. Customer Purchase Orders can be created by sales users or administrators as sales orders for long-term contracts.

The following diagram illustrates the customer purchase order lifecycle.

When a customer places a purchase order, they submit a document that references the quote or agreement line item numbers from an associated customer price agreement. When Conga Order Management receives that purchase order the purchase order is validated against the line items and negotiated pricing in the price agreement, and any data enrichment rules are applied. The user must then mitigate any of the existing validation errors or warnings and accept the purchase order. Sales orders can then be placed against the purchase order and follow the same lifecycle from that point as with any other order processed by Conga Order Management.

Refer to the following table for the tasks described in the portion of the user guide.

Capture Customer Purchase Orders
  • Capture raw purchase orders from customers

  • Add PDF or Email as attachments to Customer POs

Manage Validation / Enrichment Rules
  • Create and manage rules to validate, match, and enrich PO

  • Add PO items against customer’s existing contracts, Quotes, and other master data

Validate PO against Quotes/Contracts
  • Validate or enrich PO and PO items against customer’s existing contracts, Quotes, or other master data

PO Exception or Issue Logs
  • Capture errors or issues identified during data validation and enrichment of customer PO and PO Items

View PO header and line item validation issues
  • View data validation issues for header and line items

Fix data validation and match issues
  • Allow users to fix data validation or matching issues

  • Maintain version history of changes for audit trail

Create or Generate Sales Orders
  • Convert the PO to a single sales order

  • Auto convert PO to multiple sales orders based on split criteria

  • Create partial orders from a PO

Amend or Cancel Inflight Customer PO
  • Amend in-flight PO to add a line, change lines, cancel lines

  • Cancel in-flight PO

Track orders and fulfillment against PO
  • Track ordered quantity by PO items

  • Track fulfilled quantity by PO items