This API creates a cart for the order referenced by OrderId.

API Details

createCartwebService static Conga_Config2.CPQStruct.CreateCartResponseDO createCart(Apttus_Config2.CPQStruct.CreateCartRequestDO)

requestCPQStruct.CreateCartRequestDOThe request data object.

Request Data Object - CPQStruct.CreateCartRequestDO
OrderIdIDYesThe Id of the order to be associated with the cart.
PropertiesList<Config2.Property>NoThe list of properties applicable to the cart.

Data Object - Config2.Property
NameStringYesSpecify the features applicable to the cart. Applicable values are:
  • useAdvancedApproval: Enables Advanced Approval for a cart.
  • useDealOptimizer: Enables Deal Optimizer for a cart.
ValueStringNoThe applicable values are true or false. Specifying the value as true enables the feature for a cart.

API Response

Response Data Object - CPQStruct.CreateCartResponseDO
CartIdIDThe Id of the newly created cart object.

Code Sample

The following code sample enables you to create a cart for a valid order with an Order Id. Using the sample, you can search for a valid order using an order number. If an order exists with the order number entered, you can create a cart using createCart(). You can invoke this API in use cases when you want to show a cart page based on the order. 

 public void createCart()
		// Create config properties
		List<Apttus_Config2.Property> configProps = new List<Apttus_Config2.Property>();
		Apttus_Config2.Property prop = new Apttus_Config2.Property();
		prop.Name = 'useAdvancedApproval';
		prop.Value = 'false';
		prop = new Apttus_Config2.Property();
		prop.Name = 'useDealOptimizer';
		prop.Value = 'false';
		// Create the request
		Apttus_Config2.CPQStruct.CreateCartRequestDO request = new Apttus_Config2.CPQStruct.CreateCartRequestDO();
		// Add request parameters
		request.OrderId = orderId;
		// Create a new cart for Order
		Apttus_Config2.CPQStruct.CreateCartResponseDO result = Apttus_Config2.OrderWebService.createCart(request);
		// Get the cart Id
		cartId = result.CartId;
	} else {
		ApexPages.addMessage(new ApexPages.Message(, 'Invalid or Blank Order Id.'));

Integration Details

Use the following information in your integrations with Conga CPQ Web Services API. Refer to Integrating Conga with External Systems for information on how to get started.

API Prerequisites


Request and Response XML

Example Request

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ord="" xmlns:cpq="">

Example Response

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns="" xmlns:CreateCartResponseDO="">