Refer to the following points for easy access to the artifacts through a public-facing GitHub repository.

  • The Conga Commerce SDK libraries (core, ecommerce, and elements) are hosted at: GitHub repository.  This is a public repository with read access. This repository contains the following three packages also called artifacts:
    • core

    • ecommerce

    • elements

  • To install the SDK libraries, add the following packages to the package.json file before running the npm install command:
    • @congarevenuecloud/core
    • @congarevenuecloud/ecommerce
    • @congarevenuecloud/elements

  • The above-mentioned packages should be specified along with the release version that you intend to use. For example, if you want to use the most recent release version 2023.2.19, specify it with each package as follows. The most recent release version is tagged as Latest.

  • After the SDK libraries are built, they are published to the GitHub release registries here:

For all these changes, ensure that all the consumable code base is under a single repository.


After cloning the reference template, you must update the npmrc file in the reference template with the SDK library hosted URL as below. Enter your GitHub authentication token at line 2 after authToken=


Select one of the following topics for more information on implementation and configuration: