Product Catalog is a detailed list of the inventory of a store. You can view the products that your vendor supplies on the Catalog. The product catalog displays the products available for purchase and also displays their details like the product's name, price, and specification. You can also add products to the cart from the catalog page. The product catalog has many features to make searching and selecting products easy for users.

View Options

On the product catalog, you can view products in different ways. The bar on top of the catalog has two different view options:

  • List View: To select the list view, click the list view icon from the bar above the product list. The list view displays the products in a list, under one another.

  • Grid View: To select the grid view, click the grid view icon from the bar above the product list. The grid view displays the products side-by-side, like a grid.

Filtering Products in the Catalog

The catalog page can show the entire inventory, therefore, to find the right product you can use filters available on the catalog page. The following section describes the filters available on the catalog page.

  • Product Type: You can filter the products according to the type of the product. You can choose from:
    • All: Choosing this option, displays all the products available in the store for purchase.
    • Assets: Choosing this option, displays the products that you have already purchased and that are your assets now.
  • Category Filtering: Using the category hierarchy you can navigate to products through the list of related categories and their subcategories. The subcategories list is displayed only after you select a category. You can go to the Product Types section and select All to view all the categories available.
  • Product Family Filtering - You can filter the products in the catalog by the product family that they belong to. In the product family field, use the type-ahead search to search and select the product families for filtering. You can choose multiple product families from the picklist.

Actions on the Product Catalog Page

  • Sorting: You can sort the products in the product catalog page by choosing Sort By. You can sort the product according to Name or Relevance.
  • Pagination: You can set how many products to see on a single page in the product catalog. To set pagination, go to the Show field on the top bar and select the value from, 4, 12, 20, and 50 products on one page.
  • Viewing product details: To view the details of any product, like its description, configurations, specifications, features, or price, click the product's name or its image.
  • Adding a product to the cart: You can click Add to Cart to add a product to your cart for purchase. You can also specify the quantity in the Quantity field before adding the product to the cart.
  • Asset-based Ordering Actions: If the product is an asset, or you have already purchased it, you will see the following asset-based ordering actions:
    • Buy More: Adds the products to the cart.
    • Renew: Renews the Asset.
    • Terminate: Terminates the asset. 
    • Change Configuration: Lets you change the configuration of an already purchased asset.
  • Product Images - While viewing product details, you can view product images and collateral under the Attachments tab.
  • Product Features - You can view product features under the Specifications tab.

Product Carousel

On the Catalog page, all the selected products are displayed in the Product Carousel and you can compare one or more products from the product carousel.