Logging in to Conga

Conga uses Single Sign-On (SSO) to create a seamless transition between Dynamics 365 and Conga on Salesforce. The first time you are redirected to Conga as part of the quoting process you will need to provide your Conga credentials. You will then be logged in for the remainder of the session, allowing you to create and finalize quotes between Dynamics 365 and Conga without having to sign in again.

Syncing of Data Between Dynamics 365 and Conga

Before you can begin creating Conga quotes, data must be synced between your Dynamics 365 and Conga environments. This is accomplished using the Conga-Dynamics 365 Connector, which syncs master and transactional data between the two platforms. 

Conga Professional Services will prepare the environments by doing the following:

  • Installing the Conga-Dynamics 365 Connector solution.
  • Performing an initial sync to sync data between Dynamics 365 and Conga.

Following the initial sync, real-time data sync is enabled between Dynamics and Conga, ensuring that any quotes created in Dynamics are saved in Conga and vice-versa.

Conga Quote-to-Cash for Dynamics 365 requires administrators to set up specific "punch out" sync groups. For more information on the connector, refer to the Conga-Dynamics 365 Connector Spring '21 Administrator Guide available from the Conga Community Documentation Portal.